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About Lensoo

Lensoo was created in 2009 by Pratap Chillakanti.

Our mission is simple: To provide an easy-to-use app and platform for active learning. How? By experts and learners communicating ideas, stimulating collaboration, and sharing content. We’re committed to helping enterprises, educators and students of all ages learn. Headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Utah and India, we’re passionate about lifelong learning, about the technology we employ, and the community that we serve.

The Team

Pratap Chilakanti

Dr. Pratap Chillakanti is a pioneer and visionary in introducing technology innovation in learning and teaching with over 25 years of industry as well as academic experience. He has held senior management positions in the industry and is an expert in development of corporate training programs and certifications for clients like Cisco, HP, and Oracle. He teaches at University of California at Berkeley.

Pratap believes very strongly that education is a fundamental right of every child born on this planet. He personally supports many education initiatives especially for the less fortunate. His current efforts in this space include active collaboration with distinguished professors worldwide in implementing continuous STEM programs.

Maksim Ustinov
Software Engineer
Kevin Smit
Software Engineer
Vijay Kandiraju
Software Engineer
Rob Snow
Software Engineer